Greek grammar course handouts

Ch. 12: Master Personal Ending Chart ALL

Ch.19: Consonant Changes

Ch.19: Phonetic Changes Drills

Ch.19: Phonetic Changes Drills ANSWER KEY

Ch.19: Case Endings for All Three Declensions

Ch.19: Case Endings for All Three Declensions PRACTICE SHEET This sheet is in the same order as the Handout “Case Endings for All Three Declensions” (singular forms on top, plural forms on bottom; 1st and 2nd declension on left side, 3rd declensions on right).  Use this to prepare yourself for tests.

Ch.19: Third Declension Forms TIS & TI

Ch.19: Forms of the Adjective and Nouns

Ch. 20: Near Demonstratives

Ch. 20: Far Demonstratives

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