Hebrew Exegesis F17 (Founders-TES)

When I’m not teaching at Houston Baptist University, I’m privileged to serve at Founders Baptist Church in a variety of pastoral roles, one of which includes training our men for leadership and ministry. This fall I get to walk our men (and others who partner with us through TES) through Hebrew Exegesis on Tuesday mornings.  Below are some links to the materials that we’re using.

Syllabus: Get it directly from Pastor Marshall.

Resources on Jonah PDF here

Hebrew Cross Reference – May 2009 [This is a cross-reference guide keyed to Williams’ Hebrew Syntax edited by Beckman, which takes you to the advanced Hebrew reference grammars for their discussion of each section/paragraph of syntax.]

Restricted Access


COURSE ASSIGNMENTS: Note that the assignments are set up with the earliest assignments at the bottom of the page, and the most recent ones at the top.

Due Tues, Aug 22:

[1] Reading:  Complete readings per Course Topical Outline in syllabus..

[2] Written Assignment: Chisholm Workbook, Jon 1:1-3 Analysis (pp. 23-30).

[a] Answer *completely* all the analysis questions of Step 2 (pp. 22-29) and provide your translation in Step 3 (on bottom of p. 29).  NOTE: I do not require you to do Step 1 as a separate initial step; when you’re going through your analysis, you should be identifying all verbal forms anyway.  Skip Step 4.

[b] Read over my document, Jonah 1.1-3 Gloss and Questions Marshall, and prepare answers to each of the questions.

[3] Please feel free to use the Parsing Sheets I’ve provided in “Restricted Access” and bring those to class as the basis for our discussion of forms and grammar. If you’re not using these, then take notes in your own homework notes (whether hand-written or typed) be sure to parse any forms that you cannot parse by sight.

NOTE WELL: When you’re completing these workbook assignments, you should have several reference works *opened* and being consulted whenever Chisholm references them–Van Pelt/Pratico or Ross (depending on which intro grammar you used–note that I constantly make reference to Ross because that’s the grammar I teach from, so please made adjustments to VPP where applicable), Waltke-O’Connor (WO), Willams’ Hebrew Syntax (edited by Beckman, WHS), van der Merwe (BHRG), and one of the Hebrew lexicons: Holladay, HALOT, or BDB.  If you have any of the other grammars (Jouon, GKC, Arnold/Choi), by all means use them!