Hebrew Grammar F19-S20 (RTS)

This year I get to serve my Reformed constituency by teaching Elementary Hebrew at Reformed Theological Seminary on Monday evenings.  Below are some links to the materials that we’re using.

Textbook: Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross

Assignments for Each Lesson of Ross: Here

Ross Homework Keys: Here

Ross Audio Files: Here

Course Handouts: Here

Restricted Access (only for those enrolled in class)

Dr. Marshall’s Ross Chapter Lectures: Click here to access my YouTube playlist.

External Website for Charles Grebe’s Lectures on Ross:  http://www.animatedhebrew.com/oldsite/index.html


ASSIGNMENT PREP DUE DATES: [note: assignments will be ordered so that the most recent one appears on top]

Due Monday, Aug 26:

Below is the assignment to complete BEFORE our first class meeting on Monday, Aug 26. (Please do exactly what these instructions say to do in preparation for our first class session together.

Syllabus: Download and read through it carefully. Contact Dr. Marshall if you don’t have it.

 Listen/watch on Dr. M’s youtube Hebrew Playlist:  Click here and listen to the lesson overviews of Ross Chapter 1, Parts 1-2, and Ross Chapter 2, Parts 1-3 (if the link doesn’t work, copy the following URL into your web browser: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG00vqmarZJr4M3xYQn19H8AS9gM2gWGl).


Textbook: IBH (Ross’s textbook, Introducing Biblical Hebrew): Lessons 1-2

Course handouts:  [1] Alphabet and Transliteration; [2] Alphabet and Transliteration Practice Sheet (use for memorizing); [3] Simplified Hebrew Vowel Chart ; [4] Simplified Hebrew Vowel Chart Practice Sheet; [5] Hebrew Syllables

Memorization: [1] Hebrew Alphabet (pronunciation of letters; names of letters; order; how to write letters; see my Handout called “Alphabet and Transliteration”). [2] Here is a link to the Hebrew Alphabet Song that I like to teach my beginning Hebrew students (to the tune of “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music movie). Please listen to this and sing along with it as you study the Hebrew letters in order. Click here. [3] Hebrew vowels: memorize the name, symbol, and pronunciation for each vowel and its place in the vowel chart.

Written Assignments:

[1]  Practice writing the Hebrew alphabet with English transliteration in order.  I suggest doing this at least 5 times or more, until you have mastered it. To do this, use my handout “Alphabet and Transliteration Practice Sheet.”

[2]  Complete IBH 1.8 exercises, sections A (1-12) and B (1-3).

[3]  Practice writing the Simplified Hebrew Vowels Chart]. I suggest doing this at least 5 times or more, until you have mastered it. To do this, use my handout  Simplified Hebrew Vowel Chart Practice Sheet.

[4] Complete IBH 2.10 exercises, sections A (1-4), B (1-5), and part of C (just divide the syllables of the words in section A [not section B!] and label above each syllable “o” for open, “c” for closed).

Note:  for your assistance, I have uploaded audio files where I read the vocab words from the chapters of Ross.  Listening to these can greatly help you with your homework and memorizing the vocabulary. Look above and click on the link called “Ross (IBH) Audio Files.”

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