Greek Grammar I (Fall 2017) & II (Spring 2018) HBU

This academic year I’m teaching Elementary Greek at Houston Baptist University again–for the first time since 2014!  Here are some links to the materials that we’re using for the course.


Fall 2017 Undergrad and Graduate: (coming soon)

Assignments for Each Chapter of Mounce (BBG)

Mounce Workbook Homework Key for 3rd ed.: Here (offsite at Mounce’s Teknia website)

Mounce (BBG) Audio Files

Mounce’s Online Greek Course Resources

Dr. Marshall’s Course Handouts: Here

Restricted Access (only for those enrolled in class)


ASSIGNMENT PREP DUE DATES: [note: assignments will be ordered so that the most recent one appears on top]

Due Monday, Aug 28: In preparation for our first 2.5-hour class meeting, there is an assignment for you to complete BEFORE class on Monday:

[1] Read and study the Mounce textbook chapters 1-4.

[2]  Listen to/watch the Mounce “Chapter Overviews” for Lessons 3-4.  Here are the link to listen Mounce’s chapter overviews (as well as other neat stuff on the chapters); just click on the chapter you want to study:

Note: Mounce also has a set of “full lectures” (as opposed to “chapter overviews”) available for purchase; he has made the lectures for Chs. 1-5 available at the link above for free. You’re welcome to listen to those, too, but it will cost money to listen beyond Ch. 5.

[3]  Complete all requirements for Mounce Chapters 3 and 4 (see link above for Assignments for Each Lesson of Mounce; scroll down to Chapters 3 & 4 and memorize/complete all that is required for that chapter).

[4] Memorize the Greek alphabet–the Greek letters, the name of the Greek letters, and the English transliteration of the Greek letters.  Your first quiz will be at the end of class on Monday over the Greek alphabet.  In order to help you learn the alphabet, please use my two handouts called Greek Alphabet and Greek Alphabet Practice Sheet.