Hebrew Grammar I (Fall 2020) & II (Spring 2021) HBU

This year I’m teaching Elementary Hebrew here at Houston Baptist University on MWF (9:00 – 9:50am).  Here are some links to the materials that we’re using for the course.

Syllabus: Get it on the Blackboard course management system homepage for this course.

Assignments for Each Lesson of Ross: Here

Ross Homework Keys: Here

Ross Audio Files: Here

Course Handouts: Here

In-Class Lesson Review Sheets: Here

Dr. Marshall’s Ross Chapter Lectures: Click here to access my YouTube playlist.

Restricted Access (only for those enrolled in class)


ASSIGNMENT PREP DUE DATES: [note: assignments will be ordered so that the most recent one appears on top]

*****SPRING 2021*****

Due Wed & Fri, Jan 20 & 22:

WED: [1] Print the Lesson 18 lecture handout to take notes on (WCI and WCP). [2] Watch Dr. M’s Lesson 18 Overview Part 1 and Part 2.

FRI: [1] Complete all requirements for Ross Lesson 18 (see link above for Assignments for Each Lesson of Ross). [2] Print the Lesson 19 lecture handout to take notes on. [3] Watch Dr. M’s Lesson 19 Overview Part 1 and Part 2.

*****FALL 2020*****

NOTE: Due to the nature of our hybrid/remote learning dynamics, I’ve moved all assignment announcements to the “Weekly” module folders under “Course Content” in Blackboard (Bb). There, I provide links to course materials that I house here, but I won’t be updating *this* page like I normally would have in the past. Look for what’s due each week inside those Bb weekly folders.

Due Mon, Wed, & Fri, Aug 24, 26, & 28:

MON: [1] Prior to first class, watch Dr. M’s Lesson Overview on Lesson 1 (click the youtube playlist link above). [2] Practice writing/reciting/memorizing the Hebrew alphabet. Here is a link to the Hebrew Alphabet Song (to the tune of Do-Re-Mi). Please listen to this and sing along with it as you study the Hebrew letters in order. Click here. We will practice writing, reciting, and singing in class! [3] Bring syllabus to class.

WED: [1] Complete all requirements for Ross Lesson 1 (see link above for Assignments for Each Lesson of Ross); bring homework to class so we can discuss questions.  [2] Read Ross Lesson 2 in preparation for lecture.

FRI: [1] Complete take-home Quiz on Alphabet from Lesson 1 and bring to class on Fri. [2] Complete all written HW for Ross Lesson 1 (see link above for Assignments for Each Lesson of Ross); bring homework to class so we can discuss questions. [3] Listen on Dr. Marshall’s youtube site to the presentations on Lesson 2 (3 parts, Click here).  Note: you don’t need to do any Lesson 2 HW.  Here are the handouts I use if you don’t have them: (a) Hebrew Vowels Intro Handout; (b) Simplified Hebrew Vowel Chart; (c) Simplified Hebrew Vowel Chart Practice Sheet; (d) Hebrew Syllables

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