Intermediate Hebrew (Jonah) TES/Founders, Fall 2022

Syllabus: Available in Populi

Hebrew Cross Reference – May 2009 [This is a cross-reference guide from Williams’ Syntax 3rd Ed. to the reference grammars Arnold-Choi, Joüon, GKC, van der Merwe, and Waltke-O’Connor.]

Course Handouts for Jonah (These were used for prior reading classes; current students may find these helpful.)

Course Handouts for Line Diagramming (These are used for learning and practicing Line Diagramming for Hebrew clauses, going R to L.)

Restricted Access (See Dr. Marshall for password if you are enrolled in the course.)


COURSE ASSIGNMENTS: Note that the assignments are set up with the earliest assignments at the bottom of the page, and the most recent ones at the top.

Due Thur, Aug 18:

[1] Reading:  Complete readings per Course Topical Outline in syllabus.

[2] Lecture:  Bring “Line Diagramming” lecture handouts

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