Hebrew Studies: Poetry/Proverbs (Fall 2018 HBU)

This year I’m teaching Advanced Hebrew here at Houston Baptist University on MWF (1:00 – 1:50pm).  The focus is on Hebrew poetry, with texts from Proverbs 1-9. Here are some links to the materials that we’re using for the course.

Syllabus: Get it on the Blackboard course management system homepage for this course.

Hebrew Cross Reference – May 2009 [This is a cross-reference guide keyed to Williams’ Hebrew Syntax edited by Beckman, which takes you to the advanced Hebrew reference grammars for their discussion of each section/paragraph of syntax.]

Dr. Marshall’s Ross Chapter Lectures: Click here to access my YouTube playlist.

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COURSE ASSIGNMENTS: Note that the assignments are set up with the earliest assignments at the bottom of the page, and the most recent ones at the top.

Due Mon, Wed, & Fri, Sept 17, 19, & 21:

MON: [1] Prepare Prov 1:2-7. [2] Read appropriate sections of Waltke’s Proverbs commentary.

WED: [1] Prepare Prov 1:8-13. [2] Read appropriate sections of Waltke’s Proverbs commentary.

FRI: [1] Prepare Prov 1:13-19. [2] Read appropriate sections of Waltke’s Proverbs commentary.

NOTE WELL: When you’re completing your preparations of these passages, you should have several reference works *opened* and being consulted: Van Pelt/Pratico or Ross (depending on which intro grammar you used–note that I constantly make reference to Ross because that’s the grammar I teach from, so please made adjustments to VPP where applicable), Waltke-O’Connor (WO), Willams’ Hebrew Syntax (edited by Beckman, WHS), van der Merwe (BHRG), and one of the Hebrew lexicons: Holladay, HALOT, or BDB.  If you have any of the other grammars (Jouon, GKC, Arnold/Choi), by all means use them!

Due Mon, Wed, & Fri, Sept 10, 12, & 14:

MON: Lecture on Hebrew Poetry (bring handouts).

WED & FRI: [1] Prepare Prov 1:1-7. [2] Read appropriate sections of Holmstedt and Block.

Due Mon, Wed, & Fri, Sept 3, 5, & 7:

MON: No class: Labor Day Holiday.

WED: [1] Complete quiz on Lesson 38 and bring it to class. [2] Make sure you have completed all HW for Lesson 39; we will field any final questions on this material. [3] Be reading your Watson textbook (it’s due at the end of the month).

FRI: [1] Complete quiz on Lesson 39 and bring it to class. [2] Dr. M lecture on poetry/Proverbs.

Due Wed & Fri, Aug 29 & 30:

[1] Listen to Dr. M’s lecture materials on Ross Lessons 38 (3 parts) & 39 (3 parts). Click here to access the YouTube playlist. In our class time I will assume you have heard these and taken notes using the handouts: Weak Verbs, Hollow Verbs_II-Waw II-Yod , Ross 38 and Weak Verbs, Geminate Verbs, Ross 39. [2] Complete all memory work and homework assignments for Ross Lessons 38 & 39 (click on Assignments for Each Lesson of Ross). [3] QUIZZES on these 2 chapters will be due next week.