Hebrew Studies: Covenant Passages in OT

This fall we are going to be reading texts in the Hebrew Bible that talk about “covenant.” Alongside the study of these Hebrew texts on the Creation, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic, and New Covenants, we will be reading Gentry/Wellum’s Kingdom through Covenant.

CURRENT Syllabus: get it in Blackboard

Hebrew Cross Reference – May 2009 [This is a cross-reference guide from Williams’ Syntax 3rd Ed. to the reference grammars Arnold-Choi, Joüon, GKC, van der Merwe, and Waltke-O’Connor.]


COURSE ASSIGNMENTS: Note that the assignments are set up with the earliest assignments at the bottom of the page, and the most recent ones at the top.

Due Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Sept 25, 27, & 29: Let’s plan on covering the rest of Genesis 9:12-17. We will begin Monday on 9:12. After Genesis 9, we will work on Gen 15:4-7 and 15:17-21.

Due Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Sept 18, 20, & 22: Let’s plan on covering the rest of Genesis 9. We will begin Monday on 9:6.

Due Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Sept 11, 13, & 15: Let’s plan on covering the rest of Genesis 9.

Due Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Sept 4, 6, & 8:

[1] Mon: No class; Labor Day.

[2] Wed: Intro to course; print and bring syllabus.

[3] Fri: Prepare your own analysis of the Hebrew text of: Gen 6:17-18; 9:1-5. Answer the questions on these verses from the Leader Handouts you received.