Winning the War Within

This is a doctrinal and practical study on sanctification–how to battle and overcome sin and grow in conformity to Christ. This class material was developed by Justin Erickson (graduate of The Master’s College and The Master’s Seminary) when he was serving at Calvary Bible Church of Burbank, CA. He now serves as Sr. Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, Fountain Hills. The materials below are from the page for this class at Calvary Bible Church.

The Adult Bible Fellowship classes at Founders Baptist Church are going through this material during the Fall and Spring, September 2014 through May 2015. For the tentative schedule, click here.


The Christian life is a war. If you are in Christ, you are engaged in mortal combat with unrelenting enemies whose mission it is to mangle your soul. Perhaps you have been losing in your battle against sin and temptation. Maybe there is a beloved sin that you have nurtured for far too long. You might be entangled in sexually immoral sin, gluttony, drunkenness, covetousness, anxiety, fear, worry, sinful anger, ungodly speech, the fear of man, bulimia, drug abuse, gossip, slander, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc. and unsure about how to overcome it.

This class is a basic-training course to refresh you in the skills and strategies necessary to help you defeat sin, or encourage another in his or her battle. The goals of this class are to:

  1. Develop a biblical strategy for overcoming any sin that you face.
  2. Understand the biblical process of sanctification as outlined in the Scriptures.
  3. Analyze certain sins and illustrate how to overcome them by applying the process outlined in the course.
  4. Define and describe true repentance over against remorse.
  5. Provide a summarized outline that you can recall to use when tempted.
  6. Establish a foundation upon which a Biblical Counseling class that follows will build.


1. Enter the Conflict (AUDIO: Part 1, 78 min; Part 2, 78 min)

2. Drawing the Battle Lines (AUDIO: Part 1, 74 min; Part 2, 77 min; Part 3, 77 min)

3. Study the Enemies: Unmasking Sin; Appendix: Identifying Your Beloved Sins (AUDIO: Part 1, 68 min; Part 2, 61 min)

4. Understand the Strategy, Part 1: Sanctification; Appendix: How Sanctification is to Be Distinguished from Justification (AUDIO: Part 1, 73 min; Part 2, 73 min; Part 3, 73 min; Part 4, 82 min; Part 5, 81 min)

5. Understand the Strategy, Part 2: Uncovering Sin in the Heart (AUDIO: Here, 85 min)

6. Understand the Strategy, Part 3:Repentance VS Remorse; Appendix: The Unrepenting Repenter  (AUDIO: Here, 81 min)

7. Understand the Strategy, Part 4: Defeating Temptation (AUDIO: Part 1, 87 min; Part 2, 77 min; Part 3, 81 min)

8. Understand the Strategy, Part 5: Developing Self-Control; Appendix: How Should We Understand Our Emotions Biblically? (AUDIO: Here, 77 min)

9. Call in Reinforcements: Getting Help in the Battle (AUDIO: Here, 83 min)

10. Understand the Strategy, Part 6: Prizing the Promises of God Over the Promises of Sin (AUDIO: Here, 80 min)

11. Avoiding the Pathway to Moral Compromise: A Summary Battleplan from Solomon (AUDIO: Part 1, 71 min; Part 2, 90 min)

12. Fight the Good Fight: Your Sin Will Find You Out (no audio)

13. Use the Proper Weaponry, Part 1: The Spiritual Armor (AUDIO: Here, 77 min)

14. Use the Proper Weaponry, Part 2: Prayer (no audio)


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