Biblical Manuscripts: Online Digital Resources

The summer of 2017 I had the privilege of teaching an Advanced Greek Studies course at Houston Baptist University, the focus of which was the “Septuagint.” In the course of preparing materials, I wanted to find digitalized copies of different Greek Old Testament manuscripts (mss). CSNTM is a wonderful go-to resource for excellent digital photographs, but I realized that they only feature the Greek New Testament portions of the great uncial codices. Alas, I found I had to search elsewhere to find the OT portions. I decided that I would start posting links here for digital mss of the Greek OT that I come across (Hebrew Bible mss will also be posted here as I have opportunity). Perhaps this will help some of my students and others who would like to see what the mss have to offer the curious reader.


Codex Vaticanus (B)

Codex Sinaiticus (א, S)

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