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HEBR 4393 Fall 2013 Marshall

HEBR 6301/03/51/52 Fall 2013 Marshall

Hebrew Cross Reference – May 2009 [This is a cross-reference guide from Williams’ Syntax 3rd Ed. to the reference grammars Arnold-Choi, Joüon, GKC, van der Merwe, and Waltke-O’Connor.]

Restricted Access:


COURSE ASSIGNMENTS: Note that the assignments are set up with the earliest assignments at the bottom of the page, and the most recent ones at the top.

Due Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Oct 7, 9 &11:

[1] Mon: Wrap up discussion of Hagg 1:13-15 (Veronica leading). [2] Mon/Wed: Discuss Hagg 2:1-3.

Due Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Sept 30, Oct 2 &4:

[1] Wrap up discussion of Hagg 1:10-12 (Jonathan leading). [2] Discuss Hagg 1:13-15 (Veronica leading).

Due Friday, Sept 27:

Prepare to discuss Hagg 1:10-12 (Jonathan leading).

Due Monday/Wednesday, Sept 23 & 25:

[1] Wrap up discussion of Hagg 1:7-9; discuss Hagg 1:10-12. [2] DUE WED: Grammar Reading Assignment (Williams or van der Merwe). [3] Read Verhoef on the sections we cover in Haggai.

Due Wednesday-Friday, Sept 18 & 20:

[1] Continue reading your Syntax grammar. [2] DUE WED: Using BHS Worksheet. [3] Pepare Haggai 1:7-9 and read Verhoef on this section.

Due Monday, Sept 16:

[1] Reading:  Read Verhoef’s NICOT Commentary section on Hagg 1:4-6; also be reading through the “Introduction” to Haggai.

[2] Written Assignment: Hagg 1:4-6.  Translate the passage; Analyze the forms and the syntax of the verses.  [Note: we will finish 1:2-3 and begin the 4-6 section.]

[3] Remember: BHS Worsheet is due Wed, Sept 18.

Due Friday, Sept 13:

In class on Friday, we will be going over Haggai 1:1-3. Here is what I want you to do:

[1] Reading:  Read Verhoef’s NICOT Commentary section on Hagg 1:1-3; also be reading through the “Introduction” to Haggai.

[2] Written Assignment: Hagg 1:1-3 Translate the passage; Analyze the forms and the syntax of the verses.

[3] Please use the Parsing Sheets I’ve provided in “Restricted Access” and bring those to class as the basis for our discussion of forms and grammar.

NOTE WELL: When you’re completing these assignments, you should have several reference works *opened* and being consulted–Van Pelt/Pratico or Ross (depending on which intro grammar you used), Waltke-O’Connor (W-OC), Willams’ Hebrew Syntax (edited by Beckman), and one of the Hebrew lexicons: Holladay, HALOT, or BDB.  If you have any of the other more advanced grammars (Jouon, GKC, Arnold/Choi, van der Merwe), by all means use them!  First-time readers: your purpose in this initial reading course is to get into using the basic-intermediate tools with knowledge and skill.

Due Monday & Wednesday, Sept 9/11:

[1] Continue reading your Syntax grammar. [2] Begin work on the Using BHS Worksheet. [3] Textual criticism lecture on Mon/Wed.  [4] We will begin Haggai 1:1-3 on Friday. Begin preparing.

Due Friday, Sept 6:

[1] Complete Practice Sheet #3 on Genesis 3 sentences (click HERE for a copy of the practice sheet). [2] Diagramming Quiz (see practice sheet HERE).

Due Wednesday, Sept 4:

[1] Complete Practice Sheet #2 if it’s not finished. [2] Complete this worksheet on Genesis 3 in preparation for having some Hebrew examples to diagram: Practice Sentences from Gen 3. [3] Continue reading & studying Grassmick, pp. 91-103 in preparation for our Line Diagramming unit (see the file folder on reserve in the Library).

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