Study on Selective Prayers of the OT

In the month of June (2015), our Adult Bible Fellowships at Founders Baptist will be doing a series of studies on selective prayers from the Old Testament. Here is the 4-week schedule, listing biblical texts and topics.

If you are one of the teachers and would like access to teacher helps for preparation, please click here to access a password protected page. Contact Pastor Phillip for the password if you don’t have it.

Date Week Topic Text
6/7 1 Moses’ Prayer: Motivated Intercession Num 14:13-19
6/14 2 Hannah’s Prayer: The Audacity of Praise 1 Sam 2:1-10
6/21 3 Daniel’s Prayer: Contrition, Confession, and a Call for God to be God Dan 9:1-19
6/28 4 Nehemiah’s Prayer: A Faithful Appeal to the Faithfulness of God Neh 1:1-11

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