Intermediate Hebrew F18 Founders-TES (Ruth)

When I’m not teaching at Houston Baptist University, I’m privileged to serve at Founders Baptist Church in a variety of pastoral roles, one of which includes training our men for leadership and ministry. This fall I get to walk our men (and others who partner with us through TES) through Intermediate Hebrew on Thursday mornings.  Below are some links to the materials that we’re using.

Syllabus: Get it directly from Pastor Marshall.

Hebrew Cross Reference – May 2009 [This is a cross-reference guide keyed to Williams’ Hebrew Syntax edited by Beckman, which takes you to the advanced Hebrew reference grammars for their discussion of each section/paragraph of syntax.]

Dr. Marshall’s Ross Chapter Lectures: Click here to access my YouTube playlist.

Course Handouts

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COURSE ASSIGNMENTS: Note that the assignments are set up with the earliest assignments at the bottom of the page, and the most recent ones at the top.

Due Thur, Sept 20:

NOTE on upcoming due dates: [1]  Begin working on the Using BHS Worksheet. DUE: Sept 27 [change from original due date of Sept 20]. [2] Continue reading your Williams Syntax grammar. DUE: Oct 4.

[1] Complete the Quiz on basic line diagramming.  To prepare, use my handout, Diagramming Quiz PRACTICE SHEET. Consult Grassmick on how to place adjectives and adverbs under nouns and verbs (but reverse the direction for Hebrew Right-to-Left). Keep articles with the noun. [2] Analyze and prepare for discussion of Ruth 1:1-10 based on Dr. M’s instructions in Sections 5-7 of you syllabus on pp.6-7. [3] Practice Hebrew line diagramming by diagramming the clauses in Ruth 1:1-4.

NOTE WELL: When you’re completing these Chisholm workbook assignments, you should have several reference works *opened* and being consulted whenever Chisholm references them–Van Pelt/Pratico or Ross (depending on which intro grammar you used–note that I constantly make reference to Ross because that’s the grammar I teach from, so please made adjustments to VPP where applicable), Waltke-O’Connor (WO), Willams’ Hebrew Syntax (edited by Beckman, WHS), van der Merwe (BHRG), and one of the Hebrew lexicons: Holladay, HALOT, or BDB.  If you have any of the other grammars (Jouon, GKC, Arnold/Choi), by all means use them!

Due Thur, Sept 13:

[1] Complete quiz on Lesson 39. [2] Watch Dr. M’s presentations on Sentence Structures & Types (Part 1 [I covered this section last Th], Part 2, and Part 3) and Sentence Structure: Larger Constituents (click here). [3] Complete these two Practice sheets for HW: Line Diagramming Practice Sheet 1 and Sentence Type Analysis Exercises and Line Diagramming Practice Sheet 2 and Sentence Type Analysis Exercises. We’ll discuss these in class. There is an answer key under “Course Handouts” that you can consult. [4] Work on translating and understanding the grammatical structure of Ruth 1:1-2. We will use these sentences to work on Hebrew line diagramming in the last part of class.

Due Thur, Sept 6:

[1] Complete quiz on Lesson 38. [2] Make sure you have completed all HW for Lesson 39; we will field any final questions on this material during hour one. [3] Read Grassmick, pp. 81-103 in preparation for our discussion on line-diagramming. As well, read the materials assigned in the Syllabus for this day in Chisholm, Holmstedt, and Block.

Due Thur, Aug 30:

[1] Listen to Dr. M’s lecture materials on Ross Lessons 38 (3 parts) & 39 (3 parts). Click here to access the YouTube playlist. In our class time I will assume you have heard these and taken notes using the handouts: Weak Verbs, Hollow Verbs_II-Waw II-Yod , Ross 38 and Weak Verbs, Geminate Verbs, Ross 39. [2] Complete all memory work and homework assignments for Ross Lessons 38 & 39 (click on Assignments for Each Lesson of Ross). [3] QUIZZES on these 2 chapters will be due next week.