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Just Released Episode 3 of “lessons in logos”!

I have just released Episode 3 in the “Lessons in Logos” series. This is the second half of a training session I did with some of our Houston Baptist University students on how to get started with Logos using a free version of the software called Logos 8 Basic. You can catch the first half of the training session at “Lessons in Logos Episode 2: Logos 8 Basic, Training Pt 1.” You should especially check out Pt 1 if you’d like directions on how to get the free version of Logos. Here’s the handout I reference in the video.

I would appreciate your sharing this with your friends through email and social media–anyone you think might be interested is using Logos Bible Software for their Bible study and academic work. Feel free to subscribe if you’re personally interested in Logos and/or other discussions on biblical languages and the text of Scripture.

To watch this on YouTube, click here.

Episode 2 of “lessons in logos” is now available!

This is just a quick announcement to let folks know that I’ve just released Episode 2 of my “Lessons in Logos” series; this is the first of two videos that constitute a training session I did at Houston Baptist University for one of our Greek classes. In particular, I gave them a quick orientation to Logos 8 Basic, a free version of Logos Bible Software that allows for some incredible searching with the Logos platform. If you have been interested in Logos but not quite ready to make a financial commitment, you can try out the software and see how you like it using Logos 8 Basic. Please watch the video to see how to download this free version.

Be sure to share this with your friends through email and social media–anyone you think might be interested is using Logos for their Bible study and academic work. I’ll be releasing the second part of the training in the Episode 3 video, probably within the week.

Fee free to subscribe if you’re personally interested in Logos, and if you know others who could benefit from the Lessons in Logos series, please share this post and the video with them, too.

For the handout that I mention in the video training, click here.

Last chance: rsvp this weekend for hbu social event wed, 11-18-20

What: All SCT Gathering

When: Wednesday, November 18, 4:30-7:00 PM

Where: Holcombe Mall- by the 10 Pillars (Dillon II if raining)

We would like to invite all School of Christian Thought faculty, graduate and undergraduate students (majors & minors) to an end of semester celebration and fellowship.  There will be food and cornhole games, t-shirt giveaways and awards. Come hang out one more time before the holiday break and we go virtual for the remainder of the semester.

Even if you cannot stay for the whole event, we’d love for you to stop by.

Social distancing will be observed, and Aramark will prep and serve the food to ensure proper safety measures.

Please RSPV at the Eventbrite link-

Launching the “lessons in logos” video series

This week is a big week for Logos Bible Software and me. Why? Well, yesterday Logos turned “9” by launching the newest version of the software–Logos 9. And today I turned “1” by launching my very first episode of “Lessons in Logos,” a video series devoted to helping others to appreciate and use the power of Logos Bible Software for their Bible study, message prep, and academic research.

Over the years I’ve heard many people say that they have Logos but don’t really know how to use it. I especially have Greek and Hebrew students who struggle to perform the original language-type of searching that Logos can execute. I also have other friends who don’t know the biblical languages yet desire to (and can) benefit from this software. I’ll be releasing videos for all sorts of people with varying levels of skill, and I’ll sort out those different types of videos into playlists that will allow users to watch the ones appropriate to their abilities.

If you’re interested in Logos or know others who could benefit from the Lessons in Logos series, please subscribe and share this post and the video with others.

To watch directly in YouTube click here.

It’s NEVER too late to learn Hebrew….

One of the blessings of working in a university setting is getting to meet fascinating people and learning about the interesting things they know. Today, I was sent a little treasure by Diana Severance, the director of HBU’s Dunham Bible Museum. Below is a screenshot of some Hebrew-related material from William Bradford. According to Diana,

Pilgrim William Bradford, governor and historian of Plymouth plantation, began learning Hebrew in his old age, and some of his practice sessions of Hebrew are in the front pages of a copy of his History of Plimoth Plantation. The English writing at the top says:

Though I am  growne  aged, yet I have had a long-
ing desire, to see with  my own eyes, something of
that  most ancient language,  and  holy  tongue,
in which  the Law, and  oracles  of  God  were
write; and in which God, and angels, spake to
the holy patriarks, of old time; and what
names were  given  to things,  from the
creation. And though I cañot attaine
to much herein, yet I am refreshed,
to have seen some glimpse  here-
of; (as  Moses  saw  the Land
of canan afarr of)  my aime
and desire is, to see how
the words, and  phrases
lye in  the holy  texte;
and to dicerne some-
what of the  same
for  my  owne

 Whether you’re young or old, we’d love to have you come and learn Hebrew at HBU with us! Enjoy the picture below!

William Bradford on Hebrew