Just Released Episode 3 of “lessons in logos”!

I have just released Episode 3 in the “Lessons in Logos” series. This is the second half of a training session I did with some of our Houston Baptist University students on how to get started with Logos using a free version of the software called Logos 8 Basic. You can catch the first half of the training session at “Lessons in Logos Episode 2: Logos 8 Basic, Training Pt 1.” You should especially check out Pt 1 if you’d like directions on how to get the free version of Logos. Here’s the handout I reference in the video.

I would appreciate your sharing this with your friends through email and social media–anyone you think might be interested is using Logos Bible Software for their Bible study and academic work. Feel free to subscribe if you’re personally interested in Logos and/or other discussions on biblical languages and the text of Scripture.

To watch this on YouTube, click here.

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