Episode 2 of “lessons in logos” is now available!

This is just a quick announcement to let folks know that I’ve just released Episode 2 of my “Lessons in Logos” series; this is the first of two videos that constitute a training session I did at Houston Baptist University for one of our Greek classes. In particular, I gave them a quick orientation to Logos 8 Basic, a free version of Logos Bible Software that allows for some incredible searching with the Logos platform. If you have been interested in Logos but not quite ready to make a financial commitment, you can try out the software and see how you like it using Logos 8 Basic. Please watch the video to see how to download this free version.

Be sure to share this with your friends through email and social media–anyone you think might be interested is using Logos for their Bible study and academic work. I’ll be releasing the second part of the training in the Episode 3 video, probably within the week.

Fee free to subscribe if you’re personally interested in Logos, and if you know others who could benefit from the Lessons in Logos series, please share this post and the video with them, too.

For the handout that I mention in the video training, click here.

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