Dr. Robert Holmstedt on Writing Book Reviews

Robert Holmstedt of the University of Toronto recently posted a piece over at Ancient Hebrew Grammar on the function of book reviews, in light of a few negative reviews of his book Ruth: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text.  He makes some great comments on what a review should aim for, especially how reviews ought to assess the success of any work based on the author’s purpose (and the series’ purpose, if it is a volume in a series).  I recommend that all my students take a look at what Holmstedt has to say on this.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Holmstedt on Writing Book Reviews”

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    I’m not a writer but I do bible study and research. Please assist me in getting a bible scholars who writes about the apocalyptic books 📚 I have some questions to ask. Thanks be blessed 🙌

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