Handel’s Messiah

Tonight my wife, three children, and I want to First Presbyterian of Houston to our first ever Messiah Sing-Along.  The orchestra was conducted by my colleague from HBU, Dr. John Yarrington.  The music was splendid; my singing . . . well, that was clearly unworthy of the Lamb who is worthy, as the last choral piece proclaims.  I offer my congratulations to Dr. Yarrington for a beautiful performance, and my thanksgiving to God that such a work exists to draw our attention and devotion to Jesus the Lamb and the King of Glory.  I think that tonight may have been the beginning of an annual family tradition for us.

For those who are unaware, my old doctoral supervisor (when I was at Southern Seminary), Dr. Daniel Block (now at Wheaton) wrote a piece analyzing Handel’s Messiah from a biblical and theological perspective.  If you plan to listen to it or attend a performance, please do read over Block’s essay before you go; it will greatly enhance your ability to understand and enjoy the spiritual themes of the work.  You can get it here.

12-13-10  You can get the polished, published version of Dan Block’s essay in the following journal article: “Handel’s Messiah: Biblical and Theological Perspectives,” in Didaskalia 12 (2001): 1-23.  Thanks, Dan, for pointing us to this text!

4 thoughts on “Handel’s Messiah”

  1. Hi Phil:

    Thanks for the plug. However, I wish that you would refer people to the more polished published version of the essay on Handel’s Messiah:
    “Handel’s Messiah: Biblical and Theological Perspectives,” in Didaskalia (italics) 12 (2001): 1-23.

    Ellen joins me in wishing you and Cheryl and the kids a blessed Christmas!


  2. Thanks, Dan, for noting the version in Didaskalia. I have updated the post to reflect your suggestion. And thanks for the Christmas wishes. Cheryl and I wish you and Ellen a very merry and blessed Christmas, too!


  3. I was looking at the list of Biblioblogs, and I found YOU!! Did you ever go to the Messiah Sing Along at Our Savior Lutheran here in Louisville? Great stuff! Doxology presented Messiah this past December, and it was wonderful! Hope you all are doing well!

    1. Hi Marie! So nice to hear from you! No, I never got to go to Our Savior Lutheran for that. I’m sure it would have been wonderful. Give the SBTS folks my regards–we sure miss all of you!

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