Brian Webster has a new Hebrew Grammar out

Daniel and Tonya at Hebrew and Greek Reader just posted a 20-questions interview with Brian Webster of Dallas Theological Seminary.  It sounds very much like he has just gotten published the Hebrew Grammar that *I* was planning to write some day!  🙂  Having also been influenced by Isaac Jerusalmi directly (I studied Syriac with him at Hebrew Union College during my Ph.D. studies  in Louisville at Southern Seminary) and indirectly (through interaction with Russell Fuller and working through his textbook), I found a lot in the interview about his pedagogical approach that jibed with my own.  I’m looking forward to checking it out and seeing if it’s what I was really hoping to write!

All I can say is, “Where do I get my autographed copy?”  Congratulations to Brian Webster, and thanks to D&T for posting a fascinating interview!

7 thoughts on “Brian Webster has a new Hebrew Grammar out”

  1. That’s right! I’d better get started. I still do not have a Greek grammar that I’m entirely happy with. I use Mounce, but I have to tweak Mounce every so often. One of my master’s level students jokingly said that, since he had never seen his parents fight or disagree in front of him, it does something awful inside of him when his Greek prof has to disagree with Mounce. ;p

  2. For those who are interested: Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, PA, offers Hebrew 1,2 and Greek 1,2 all online and does a very effective job in getting learners to interact.

    1. Hi Pam,

      Good to have you comment on the site. How are things going at Biblical Seminary?

      Just curious to know which grammars and which profs are leading the students through the Greek and Hebrew courses online. Any comments you can offer on the language pedagogy?

    1. Hey Murray! So glad to see you here! (Or *read* you here!) I don’t know, yet. I haven’t really had an opportunity to look over a copy real closely yet, so I can’t say. I flipped through it at SBL a few weeks ago, and some things look really nice. But the presentation of information seemed almost overwhelming. But that was just a first impression. We’ll see. I may stay with Ross for the summer until I get a real feel for whether I’d like this one or not. See you!

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