Pray for Dr. Peter Gentry

UPDATE 2-22-10:

I spoke with Peter Gentry tonight by phone and received an update.  His surgery on Dec 2 was successful.  The surgery and biopsy indicated that the cancer was encapsulated, and a recent PSA test came back practically zero–very good news indeed.  The doctor had ordered that he not exercise for 6 wks.  So, 6 wks after surgery, he flew to Germany to conduct some research and started swimming every day.  He’s now swimming up to about 600 meters/day (almost 3 miles per week–I barely walk that much in the same amount of time!).  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  He asks for continued prayers as he becomes stronger, knowing that his life was and still is ever in the strong hands of his faithful God.



On Dec 2, Dr. Peter Gentry (Septuagint guru, professor of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and my doctoral mentor) will be undergoing surgery in Louisville for prostate cancer.  His prognosis so far is good, but surgery and cancer are always a big deal.  Please pray for this dear brother.  I spoke with him yesterday (Monday) and he was in good spirits and is trusting in God and his goodness.  I hope to be able to provide an update in the days ahead.

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