Welcome, Lingua-Nuts!

This site is devoted primarily to my language students in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.  If you’re not one of them but have an interest in biblical languages, you are very welcome here!!  As I teach my Summer Elementary Hebrew course at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Houston) and my Summer Elementary Greek course at Houston Baptist University, I will be uploading new things to the site to aid in language learning.  Please have a look around.  If you find anything among the materials that is inaccurate or contains typos, please let me know asap.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is not really a “blog” type of site where I write regular posts.  I am using it primarily to make language resources available to those who want to learn the biblical languages and read Sacred Scripture.  I will from time to time create entries where I deal with certain grammatical issues, textual questions, or exegetical issues.  These will usually be driven by a desire to have students interact, sharpen their skills, and apply what they’re learning.  But you’re welcome to join in on a conversation if you are a gracious guest and want to stimulate the learning process.

Phillip Marshall, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Biblical Languages, Houston Baptist University

PS.  If you’re interested in our B.A. or M.A. in Biblical Languages, please visit us here.

3 thoughts on “Welcome, Lingua-Nuts!”

  1. Just a brief note to let you know that I’ve found your Hebrew materials very helpful in my studies at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas. Thanks for making them available!

    1. Hey Dan,

      Thanks so much for dropping a line to let me know that you find the materials helpful. I’m happy to hear that you’re pursuing studies at Redeemer up there. I did my M.Div. out at Westminster West back in the days of Clowney, Frame, Strimple, Pipa, Duguid, and Futato. (Clark and Horton came about 2/3 way through my program, which took me 5 1/2 years!). Even though I’m a Baptist, I have so much appreciation for the Pres. and Reformed heritage. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless your studies of his word!

  2. Hello.
    Do you intend to make a video series for Aramaic (van Pelt) on YouTube as you did for Hebrew (Ross) and Greek (Mounce)?
    That would be great and very helpful.
    God bless!

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