Ross (IBH) Audio Files

Below I provide audio files in .m4a format for Allen Ross’ introductory grammar, Introducing Biblical Hebrew (IBH).  I read the vocab words at the end of each chapter, followed by some discussion of the meanings of the words and any noteworthy matters. NOTE: In order to stream from this web browser, just click the PLAY … Continue reading Ross (IBH) Audio Files

Assignments for Each Lesson of Ross

Note: References are made to course handouts; they are accessible here.  When I tell you to complete something like “Ross Lesson 3,” that means to do *everything* I have listed below IBH Lesson 3–memory work, looking at course handouts, and written assignments. IBH Lesson 1 Memorization: Hebrew Alphabet (pronunciation of letters; names of letters; order; … Continue reading Assignments for Each Lesson of Ross

Hebrew Grammar F19-S20 (RTS)

This year I get to serve my Reformed constituency by teaching Elementary Hebrew at Reformed Theological Seminary on Monday evenings.  Below are some links to the materials that we’re using. Textbook: Introducing Biblical Hebrew by Allen P. Ross Assignments for Each Lesson of Ross: Here Ross Homework Keys: Here Ross Audio Files: Here Course Handouts: Here Restricted Access (only for those … Continue reading Hebrew Grammar F19-S20 (RTS)